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We learnt a lot from the day we released our first electric scooter and all the positive feedback we received made us realize we were on the right path. We took in account all the reviews and all the comments and after many months of development KRONOS 2.0 is finally here:


Thanks to the new Italian regulation of electric micro-mobility we have been able to increase the power of the engine which now delivers a maximum peak of 500 Watts and has a nominal power of 350 Watts. This, together with an increased torque, allows the scooter to quickly reach the maximum speed of 25 km / h.

The engine controller comes from the know-how in aviation components, it’s deliberately over sized and dissipated directly by the aluminum structure of the chassis.

On Kronos 2.0 we kept the practical thumb throttle on the right hand, while on the left hand we’ve installed a new brake lever with built-in register and integrated acoustic signal, all more robust and practical. The same lever allows to brake both wheels at the same time. This is because in the front wheel there is also a regenerative electronic brake and the braking power can be adjusted in 10 steps from the app.

A new standard 10 Ah battery not only guarantees 30% more autonomy (over 30km total) but thanks to a higher number of cells, less stress is generated during acceleration and braking with the effect of guaranteeing a longer life.


The new controller with integrated bluetooth allowed us to develop a simple application and so we are able to access the smart functions of the scooter.

With the tap of a finger it is possible to perform actions such as checking the remaining battery autonomy, enabling cruise control or changing the electronic limiter for the two speeds that can be then selected from the integrated display on the dashboard.

You can check the total kilometres traveled and those of the last trip and, while for the more experienced users, an advanced menu is available where you can adjust the acceleration and braking power.

Thanks to the app you can set a safety pin and lock the scooter. The engine will actively engage to keep the scooter stationary in case of movement and the alarm will go off if forced repeatedly.

While remaining similar to the original shape, the frame has been completely redesigned to accommodate larger components and to have additional space for future updates. The battery is firmly screwed to the frame so that it can dissipate excess heat and be easily removable for inspection and maintenance.

The support for the disc brake caliper is no longer welded but more precisely aligned thanks to a screw fixing. A new metal support strengthens the new and more rigid rear mudguard. The folding mechanism is confirmed thanks to the complete absence of criticisms, breakages or faults. Even the rear suspension is confirmed with a small modification to gain distance from the ground.


Even if we had excellent results in terms of cushioning, rolling resistance and puncture, our tubeless tires with self-healing latex presented some maintenance difficulties for the less experienced users. We therefore decided to install the honeycomb anti-puncture wheels, which we usually supplied as a paid upgrade, as standard on all new production scooters. Although they have a slightly higher rolling resistance, they allow zero maintenance for their entire duration and still allows to damper the small roughness of the ground.

Our most distinctive detail continues to make its magnificent presence also on the new Kronos 2.0.

Slightly larger in size to have more foot space, it is always made of excellent marine Okumè, a most important wood for the aeronautical and naval industry.

A new graphic distinguishes it from the previous one and a new transparent protection protects it from water, atmospheric agents and dust guaranteeing a long life.


Most of the scooters on the market are either not equipped with LED lights or are assembled with low-power LEDs, mounted rather high, that blind those who proceed in the opposite direction without properly illuminating the road.

Kronos 2.0 instead, mounts a powerful LED headlight with lenticular technology, just like in the best motorbikes, it is adjustable in inclination and it is positioned very close to the road. On the tail is positioned a classic red indicator, constantly on during use and flashing during braking.

A further novelty is represented by the lateral LEDs which allow them to be visible even when crossing the road.


Model: KRONOS 2.0

Weight: 15 Kg

Frame: aluminium alloy aerospace

Tires: 8.5” shock absorbing anti-puncture

Load capacity: 100 Kg

Color: Black – Wood Okumè

Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.2 with applications IOS/Android



Max speed: 25 Km/h with adjustable two-speed limiter

Max torque: 17 Nm

Nominal power: 350 W

Peak power: 500 W

Controller: Regulator sinusoidal 670 W

Maximum gradient: Ascent 18% – Descent 18%

Resistance to external bodies: IP 54 (splashing water and dust)



Configuration: 10s4p lithium cells 18650 2500mAh

Nominal voltage: 36 Vdc

Nominal capacity: 10.000 mAh

Autonomy: 30 Km

Battery charge: 2A 100-240 Vac 50/60 Hz CE FCC RoHS & UL

Charging time: 5 h

Integrated protections: Short circuit, maximum discharge, maximum charge, temperature battery charger.



Front light: Lenticular low beam LED 4W

Rear light: LED red fixed / flashing when braking

Side light: Double red led strip IP68

Display: LED backlit


Braking system

Typology: Rear mechanical disc/caliper, front electric brake-motor

Braking distance: 4.5m


Package Contents

Pre-assembled electric scooter, battery charger, CE plug, Allen key kit, compressor extension, handlebar screws kit, instructions. Package weight ~ 16 Kg

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